Pool Fencing Compliance Certification (Form 15)


Published: 19/09/2012


NSW Government has introduced mandatory certification for pool fencing (see the full press release below for details). At this stage people selling or renting properties along with a high risk premises in NSW will be required to get certification that their pool fence complies to "Australian Standard 1926", which is similar to what is currently the practice in Queensland.

All pool owners are also being made to register their pool with the State Government so that there is a full register of every pool in NSW (bare in mind that currently this doesn't necessarily apply to above ground pools).

Our Town Fencing has always taken the lead when it comes to pool fencing safety and we have in the past made submissions to NSW State Government around this. We are also hopeful that new legislation may stop some of the rouge people that make pool fencing that currently does not comply to Australian standards as there are many manufactures that don't have any idea what is required to pass.

For customers that have recently purchased pool fencing from Our Town Fencing, below is a link where you can download a "Form 15 Request Sheet" to request certification that your new pool fencing complies to Australian Standard 1926. The sheet needs to be fully completed so that we can issue you a certificate. Please note that this is for recently installed Our Town Fencing pool fencing only.

Certification will only cover material purchased through Our Town Fencing or through one of our distributors and does not cover any part of the installation or components/material that were procured else where (eg: if you were to buy your posts elsewhere you would need to get certification for the posts from the company who supplied them to you). In cases where a distributor may have used material or components not from Our Town Fencing we will only cover the material that was supplied by Our Town Fencing.

For full details and area specific requirements we suggest you speak to your local council.


Click here to download the Press Release


Download Form 15 Request Sheet