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Three Generations - The Our Town Fencing Story

Our Town Fencing is a large corporation with a small town philosophy, with a strong community focus.

We have grown from humble beginnings, continually expanding and improving. We currently have a combined site area across our stores, and factories of over 8 acres (or 25 Olympic Swimming Pools*).

We believe strongly in fostering local talent, and employ over 120 staff at our many store locations. We have a commitment to equipping our dedicated staff with the latest skills, with comprehensive in house training programs, and a number of TAFE apprenticeships. We currently employ a diverse range of skilled staff including Boilermakers, Spray Painters, Welders, Freight Logistics Personnel, Managers, Human Resources Managers, IT Specialists, Professional Sales, and Customer Service Representatives.

In an effort to maintain our core values of high quality fencing products available to all Australians at a price that all can afford, we have established a large network of ever growing company stores, and distributors.

We will continue to develop innovative fencing solutions for today & tomorrow by taking a leading role in our industry and setting the standards for quality, service & affordability.

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