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  • Genuine COLORBOND® Steel
  • 10 year warranty
  • Huge colour range available
  • Exclusive designs
  • Durable & resilient to Australia's harsh climate
  • Personalise it by adding Slattice, Lattice, gates or posts & post caps
  • DIY instructions available
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Colorbond Colours


  • Largest colour range Australia wide
  • Co-ordinate colours with your home
  • Dress it up with two tone
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Colorbond Fence Extensions

COLORBOND® Fence Extensions

  • Two modern designs
  • Made from quality Powder Coated Steel
  • Huge colour range available
  • In stock ready to pick up
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Colorbond Gates


  • Powdercoated for durability against Australia's harsh conditions
  • Standard sizing in stock or customise to suit your requirements
  • Two tone also available
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Colorbond Gate Hardware

Gate Hardware

  • We carry Australia's leading gate hardware
  • Locks, latches & hinges in stock
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Colorbond Components

COLORBOND® Components

  • COLORBOND® Steel fencing components available for pick up or order
  • Not sure what you need? Our Fencing Specialists are ready to help
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Make Sure You're Buying The Real Thing

Not all coloured steel fencing is made with COLORBOND® Steel.

Only at Our Town Fencing can you be sure you're getting what you paid for. FENSCREEN® Panels are made from COLORBOND® Steel and branded with a subtle laser engraving (on both sides of the fence) at least three times over the 2.36 metre fence section.

All packaging carries the Our Town Fencing logo so that you can be sure you're buying from the Leading Fencing Manufacturer using only premium COLORBOND® Steel.


Australia's Leading Fence Post Design

Our Town Fenscreen panel post takes fence rigidity and strength to a whole new level. It's unique registered design introduces several ground breaking features that not only enhances stability, but also offers superior drainage of accumulated water in the bottom rail and actually assists with the installation (see details below).

COLORBOND Fence Post Design
1. Drainage gusset
This allows water to drain out the end of a bottom rail without obstruction more efficiently than conventional drainage holes.
2. Screw location seam
This assists with installation by guiding self drilling tek screws into the optimal position.
3. Extra Wide Twin Rib Design
This design is specifically targeted to resist twisting, bending, and flaring, coupled with the 69mm width ensures a stronger, straighter finished product.

Why Are FENSCREEN® COLORBOND® Panels So Tough?

Our panels are made from genuine COLORBOND® Steel made in Australia from start to finish using an advanced 5-step process to ensure it stands the test of time in Australia's harsh conditions. It's all about how it's made:

COLORBOND Fence Post Design
  1. The structural steel core base is made to meet Australian Standard AS 1397, ensuring strict adherence to the highest quality grade and finish of your steel
  2. The steel base of the fencing panels is coated with Activate™ technology, BlueScope's industry-leading metallic coating that enhances anti-corrosion performance
  3. A thin pre-treatment layer is applied to enhance the adhesion of further coatings
  4. A polyester primer is baked onto the surface
  5. A topcoat of specially developed exterior grade lead-free paint (compliant with Australian Standard AS 2728) is baked on for enhanced resistance to chipping, peeling and cracking and to ensure the finish retains its look for longer
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