Boundary fencing & gate panels

Metal panel products are manufactured by Our Town Fencing using Australian made Colorbond steel. The pre-painted sheet, rail & post products are a popular choice for fencing & gate applications, due mainly to their strength & durability. Explore the wide range of applications, profiles & colours on offer, then talk to us about a quote.

  • Panel
  • Gate
  • Raked
  • Extensions
  • Colorbond Trimscreen fence panel profile


    The original metal fence profile - wide flats with ridge on one side & valley on the other.

  • Sawscreen®

    The distinctive ‘saw’ or zig zag fence profile – rising to a point, then dropping to a valley.

  • Mirrascreen®

    The rolling wave like fence profile – neighbour friendly, with the same look both sides.

  • Lapscreen®

    The offset or paling like fence profile – neighbour friendly balance on both sides.

Why choose Our Town Fencing® & Colorbond®?

For almost 30 years Our Town Fencing has partnered with Bluescope® and used genuine Colorbond® pre-painted steel sheet to rollform fence & gate panels. Why? Because the product has been manufactured and installed across Australia in fencing applications for over 50 years – you could say its been proven.
In 2022 the fencing product warranty has been increased from 10 to 15 years*, delivering additional peace of mind to Our Town Fencing customers. The fence won’t rot, be eaten by termites and can resist the progress of bushfires due to it’s non-combustibility.
Manufactured to Australian Standards (AS1397 and AS/NZS 2728) and tested in laboratories & outdoor sites across Australia, Colorbond steel is subjected to the extremes of heat, cold, dust, rain, wind & hail - Australia’s most challenging environments.

Only buy the real thing at Our Town Fencing®

All of the metal fencing sheet profiles at Our Town Fencing are made with Colorbond® steel. Only at Our Town Fencing can you be sure you're getting what you paid for, as every sheet is branded with a subtle laser engraving (on both sides of the fence) at least three times over the 2.36 metre fence section.
All packaging carries the Our Town Fencing logo so that you can be sure you're buying from Australia’s leading fencing manufacturer using only premium Colorbond® steel.


Discovering the perfect colour for your property is easy at Our Town Fencing, with 15 core colours and 14 additional colours to choose from*.
Call or visit our showrooms for your free fencing colour swatch and start matching or contrasting at home!

[* 29 Colorbond fencing colours are in stock in all stores, making it the most comprehensive on hand availability in Australia.]

Core Colours

  • Surfmist®
  • Evening Haze®
  • Domain®
  • Paperbark®
  • Dune®
  • Riversand®
  • Shale Grey™
  • Bluegum®
  • Pale Eucalypt®
  • Wilderness®
  • Wollemi®
  • Woodland Grey®
  • Basalt®
  • Ironstone®
  • Monument®

Additional Colours

  • Harvest®
  • Jasper®
  • Wallaby®
  • Deep Ocean®
  • Windspray®
  • Bushland®
  • Cottage Green®
  • Night Sky®
  • Loft®
  • Manor Red®
  • Southerly®
  • Gully®
  • Boundary®
  • Estate®