Colorbond® Slattice Panels

Colorbond® Slattice Panels

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Fenscreen® Colorbond® Fencing with Slattice®.
Boundary Fencing
Std Heights
1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m
Std Widths
Panels 2.365m and 3.125m
Each panels contains 2 rails, 2 posts, 3 sheets, 1 piece of Slattice®, each 3.125m panel contains 2 rails, 2 posts, 4 sheets, 1 piece of Slattice®. 1.5m panels supplied with 20 tek screws, 1.8m panels supplied with 22 tek screws and 2.1m panels supplied with 24 tek screws. Optional top rail can be fitted at extra cost.
Colorbond® Slattice Panels
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